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Re: We are hiding problems

Robert Parker wrote:

On Friday 18 March 2005 18:50, Mox wrote:
Robert Parker ha scritto:
On Friday 18 March 2005 05:05, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
Em Qui, 2005-03-17 às 14:46, Brooks R. Robinson escreveu:
| > > I just want to point out that we either have to reword our
| social contract item 3:
| > >    We Won't Hide Problems
| > > to
| > >    We Won't Hide Bugs
| >
| > [...]
| > [...examples of some real or percieved problems within Debian...]
| Should we start to submit bugs against persons, instead of packages???

If it were only that easy.  But then again, how do you patch a person?
Is a brain-transplant a patch?
I dunno, I keep asking my doctor for one but he won't be in it.

and what about old-fashioned electroshock? It may work also on computers
(and work-well with some other OSes) and their mantainers!

Damn never thought of that, but that is exactly why I need the brain transplant. Please cc my doctor.

But fwiw nothing works with maintainers of anything.
There's also a high-tech approach which involves use of
millimeter-wave EM radiation concentrated in particular
regions of the brain.  Maybe that'd help.

Regards, Rossc.

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