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Debian article on serverwatch.com


> ... and a meticulously coordinated release schedule ...

Yeah, sure.  But then:

> ... describing Debian's release schedule as "glacial." ...

And I seriously wonder what they did to their text - bits are missing and 
some paragraphs are mutilated to the point where I can't tell what the 
auther meant to say (madduck, have you been pasting that text into this web 
site? ;-)

> So many people cheered ... [when the drop-arch-proposal came]

So? Where? (Ok, I'm biased by mostly seeing the impact on the mailing lists 
here and mostly ignoring reports in other media ;-)

The rest of the article actually isn't so bad - it was the first thing that 
made me laugh.

-- vbi

Excuse me for butting in, but I'm interrupt-driven.

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