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Re: Give your partner more pleasure

Shawn McMahon wrote:

If you want to make a fair comparison you should
compare what the "poor" in the developed countries have with what you
need to survive and have a chance to improve your lot through hard work.
It's always easy to talk about "improving yourself through hard work" when you are middle class. Have you ever asked a bum on the street if he tried to work hard? He's prob. tell you that he did.....but being poor usually means that you stay poor. If you are from a bad neighborhood, attented community college, how are your chances if you apply for a middle class job, compared to someone who's parents where rich, attented the best college around..... I personally beleave that some things should be goverment regulated to give everyone a fair chance.....an affordable education for example, not for the rich, but for the ones that are intelligent.

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