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Re: Give your partner more pleasure

>In practice, many aspects of the socialist worldview and socialist policy
>have been integrated with capitalism in many European countries and in
>other parts of the world to form mixed economies.

I would personally add the US to this list, as social security, medicare, and medicaid are very
socialistic institutions.

However, the point in European Pseudo-Socialism isnt that the working class has achieved great
bounds and the average living person has a house, food, and medical care. Paraphrasing Marx, the
worker will always be given just enough of the capitalists riches to keep him from revolting.
Because European citizens are more active in their politics and have a much better chance of
revolting than lets say the average Japanese or American citizen means that their capitalists will
give them a little bit more, and a little bit more until the citizens have everything they need
and possibly a little bit of what they want. On the flipside, they'll still be slaving away
putting euros into the pockets of the capital owners. Either way, European Union, NAFTA, or
Japanese the capitalists have what they want and the workers are exploited.

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