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Re: Give your partner more pleasure

On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 01:54:58PM -0700, Cometman said:
> >You'll pay twice as much in taxes, but your medicine will be "free".
> ..some (dare I say, many?) people in "those" countries feel it's a good
> deal.  Some people in less socialistic countries feel their deal is

Didn't say it wasn't a good deal; just implied that you pay for it
either way.  The folks who characterize their health care as "free" are
usually trying to make some kind of point that doesn't take into account
the fact that they're paying for it just like we do; they're just
sending the check to a different building.

> And surrender is what the Coalition of the Willing hopes the Iraqi
> insurgents will do...(me too, I think they really could prosper if they

Some are.  More will follow.  A few will be rendered more or less
horizontal along the way.  One hopes that number will be no higher than
it has to be; the Iraqi people could really use their ingenuity and
determination turned toward building a society.

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