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Re: debian umbrella resurected

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On Monday 17 May 2004 13.56, Martin Wilhelm Leidig wrote:

> > I for one must say that I'd much prefer it with a big swirl - if
> > that's not possible, the price must be really good (and I doubt you
> > can get it that low with shipping and all.)
> I got message from the manufacturers I talked to (in Germany,
> obviously others than those Eddy contacted); according to them, a
> big swirl is technically possible, but they have to produce the
> fabric in advance, so the minimum order then is 500 umbrellas.


> Maybe I can give that discussion another kick: LinuxLand (and perhaps
> others, too) is definitely interested in selling the umbrella;
> perhaps we could get them to do that with Eddies version?  In that
> case they'd handle it almost all.
> LinuxLand will be at LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, afaik, so if we get it
> done 'til July 20th ...

Hmmm. 500...

Debian has 1000 developers.
IANADD, but I think I can get rid of 10 umbrellas (ok, I count in 3 DDs 
I know :-/ ) or so.

LinuxLand is not the only shop selling Linux and Debian things.

In other words: I believe there are enough people spread all over the 
world to make it possible. The only problem would be coordination - but 
perhaps LinuxLand (or someone else with shop infrastructure) could be 
convinced to do it?

I don't think I have the time to do coordination work on that scale 
myself, though :-(

> To cut it all down: I'd prefer by far the big swirl (Eddy, please
> tell us that it can be done affordably! ;-), but we have an
> alternative if that renders unfeasible.  If the list decides to order
> "my" version, it cand be done quite fast.

And, of course, with lower limits on the number to be produced.

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