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Re: debian umbrella resurected

On Friday 14 May 2004 19.49, Eddy Petrisor wrote:
> Eddy Petrisor wrote:

> > Apparently a big swirl is poassible and the price is not too
> > high...
> I will need a very big resolution image of the logo for this.

<http://www.debian.org/logos/> has the swirl as EPS, so you can render 
it to any resolution you want - or perhaps the manufacturer can use the 
eps directly?

> The umbrella is big (~1m/spoke) and I told him I wanted it to be
> white with a straight handle (not the ugly - in my opinion - bended
> one )
> He wasn't certain that a logo over the whole umbrella was possible,
> but if it is....
> In case the big logo is not possible I would like to know if and how
> many would still want a Debian umbrella...
> Please do not give the answer to this last request yet.

I for one must say that I'd much prefer it with a big swirl - if that's 
not possible, the price must be really good (and I doubt you can get it 
that low with shipping and all.)

> As I said at the begining of the next week I will have more info.

Looking forward to it!

> I am not that rich to afford paying all

Perhaps Debian could advance some money? The problem is, if I do 
distribution in Switzerland, for example, and I've got to pay you in 
advance, I'll also have to collect that money from the people buying 
these (student, too, so if I get orders for more than 5 or so, I'll not 
be able to pay in advance).

Short summary: Main problem is delay.

-- vbi

Nonno, se non la smetti ti sfilo la tibia e con la rotula ci gioco a 
		-- Nico, "Mai Dire Gol"

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