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Re: debian umbrella resurected

Hello, Adrian, Eddy and *,

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder [2004-05-17, 8.49 +0200]:
> On Friday 14 May 2004 19.49, Eddy Petrisor wrote:
>> Eddy Petrisor wrote:
>> > Apparently a big swirl is poassible and the price is not too
>> > high...
>> I will need a very big resolution image of the logo for this.
> <http://www.debian.org/logos/> has the swirl as EPS, so you can render 
> it to any resolution you want - or perhaps the manufacturer can use the 
> eps directly?
>> The umbrella is big (~1m/spoke) and I told him I wanted it to be
>> white with a straight handle (not the ugly - in my opinion - bended
>> one )

That's a golf umbrella, as I learned in the course of this.

>> He wasn't certain that a logo over the whole umbrella was possible,
>> but if it is....
>> In case the big logo is not possible I would like to know if and how
>> many would still want a Debian umbrella...
>> Please do not give the answer to this last request yet.
> I for one must say that I'd much prefer it with a big swirl - if that's 
> not possible, the price must be really good (and I doubt you can get it 
> that low with shipping and all.)

I got message from the manufacturers I talked to (in Germany, 
obviously others than those Eddy contacted); according to them, a
big swirl is technically possible, but they have to produce the
fabric in advance, so the minimum order then is 500 umbrellas.

It's no problem to print the swirl on every second segment, making
that four swirls/umbrella; the basic umbrella can be seen on <http://www.opensourcefactory.com/debian/umbrella.jpg>, of course
coloured as we want it (white, I presume).

At the quantity of 72 we'll get them for 18,79 EU/piece including all
printing costs for one colour (swirl only, no logo text), _not_
including shipping.  At the moment I can't tell if that includes VAT,
but I think so.  I'll ask how much another printing colour will be,
in case you want the Debian logo text, too.

>> As I said at the begining of the next week I will have more info.
> Looking forward to it!

Me too!

>> I am not that rich to afford paying all
> Perhaps Debian could advance some money? The problem is, if I do 
> distribution in Switzerland, for example, and I've got to pay you in 
> advance, I'll also have to collect that money from the people buying 
> these (student, too, so if I get orders for more than 5 or so, I'll not 
> be able to pay in advance).
> Short summary: Main problem is delay.

Maybe I can give that discussion another kick: LinuxLand (and perhaps
others, too) is definitely interested in selling the umbrella; perhaps
we could get them to do that with Eddies version?  In that case they'd
handle it almost all.

LinuxLand will be at LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, afaik, so if we get it done
'til July 20th ... 

To cut it all down: I'd prefer by far the big swirl (Eddy, please tell
us that it can be done affordably! ;-), but we have an alternative if
that renders unfeasible.  If the list decides to order "my" version,
it cand be done quite fast.


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