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Re: debian umbrella resurected

Eddy Petrisor wrote:

Eddy Petrisor wrote:

I have somebody here that might be able to do the umbrella thing discussed a few months ago.

apprently not...

the answer was something like:

Is not possible to print the swirl on the whole umbrella, but OTOH it can be done on it's panels (I guess this is correct), so we would need the size of the printed logo on each panel and an aproximate number of pieces.
this was the bad news...

I proposed/asked this supplier that if we give two parts of the logo (left and right) to print them on neighbour panels but with no more than 5mm (~1/5 inch) vertical mis-alignment and a max of 5mm distance from the printed (and cut by us) area to the place where the panels are combined together. So the idea was to still have a prety large logo that was spread across two panels only...

I am still waiting for an answer.


I found another supplier and the price could be lower, but I doubt he would be able to do the big swirl. I also don't know anything about the quality of the umbrellas from this second supplier. I will dig into it.

Please do not give the answer to this last request yet.

I am prety sure the price would be lower than the one anounced by Martin, but I don't want to say this yet.

I must say that I am Romania (that is Eastern Europe in case somebody doesn't know), so I will think of a method of delivering and payment.



I met him personally.
The big logo across two panels with the limitations mentioned before (+ that the logo should be on the lower part of the panels) might be possible (he was almost sure about this, oposed the first time when he said that he was not to confident). What would be the prefered variant? - one logo and the Debian GNU/Linux text on the oposed panels? (preffered by me and the supplier)
- four logos no text (this stresses the matrial of the umbrella a lot)
- other (explain)

The price is about 15-17 euros/piece + the shipment costs (I didn't thought thoroughly about how this will be done, if it will) but the minimal pieces/order is much lower than 500 pieces (about 40 is possible).

I will get in touch with other supplier and see if I can get a better deal for all of us.

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