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Re: unhappy customer

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 06:09:10PM +0200, Moss wrote:
> Mandatory here.

Here too.  Not sure when it became that way.  Way too many design
decisions are based on cost in north america for cars, and not enough on
safe sensible design.

> I always thought that to be mandatory in the US - that's one of
> the things regularly to be changed if you (re-)import cars from
> the US to Germany.  And yes, it _is_ insane.

Many north american models have combined turn/brake, but many don't.
Some models will change from one model year to another and then back for
no apparent reason (other than their designers are either borred,
stupid, or most likely both, or at least the people in charge of design
choices are.)

Now having seperate circuits and fuses for left and right sides of the
cars lights, is not something I expect to see in north america anytime
soon.  You burn out a fuse on a north american car, you should not
expect to have any lights left on your car (and might loose the radio,
wipers and a few otehr unrelated things at the same time.)  Of course
guessing which of the many systems sharing the fuse is the cause is
another fun job that comes later on. :)

> So, german cars are all unsafe.  Seatbelts are mandatory here.

I hope they are mandetory everywhere by now.

> Huh?  I'm driving a (somewhat aged, by now ;-) Saab 900i, which has
> the engine in front.  Same with the newer 9^3 and 9^5 models.  Do
> they have completely different Saabs over there?

The rear engined models are before the 900.  I think Saab 96 or
something like that might have been one of them.  Not like that modern
900 you have. :)

Len Sorensen

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