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Re: unhappy customer

Lennart Sorensen [2004-04-05 9.46 -0400]:
 On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 12:03:00PM -0400, David Brown wrote:
 essentially he wanted to:
put safety glass in the windsheild (which the big 3 automakers didnt
 want to do because of cost)

Mandatory here.

 Seems to be the same excuse for still making the insane combined
 turnsignal/brake that the big 3 still do on many models.

I always thought that to be mandatory in the US - that's one of
the things regularly to be changed if you (re-)import cars from
the US to Germany.  And yes, it _is_ insane.

add a seatbelt restraint system (which the big 3 said would advertise
 the fact that cars were unsafe)

So, german cars are all unsafe.  Seatbelts are mandatory here.

create a headlamp system that would turn in the direction that you were turning for improved vision ( a feature unused but comming out now in
 some 2005/2006 autos)

 Citroen has done that on some models in the last 20 or 30 years.

 and put the engine in the back of the vehicle for better
traction/handling (porsche/mazda/Lamborghini have all used that rear
 engine model in their sportscars)

As have Saab, Fiat, Skoda, Original VW Bug, The original Mini, etc, etc.

Huh?  I'm driving a (somewhat aged, by now ;-) Saab 900i, which has
the engine in front.  Same with the newer 9^3 and 9^5 models.  Do
they have completely different Saabs over there?


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