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Re: Unhappy customer

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 09:21:49AM -0500, vasudeva wrote:
> I realize I must be in the minority, and that Red Hat's installer
> *is* pretty, but I just don't see Debian's installer as the
> egregious UI disaster some make it out to be.

The stuff I'm talking about the Debian installer doesn't handle: pretty 
fonts, fast OpenGL, scanners, printers, modern Gnome/KDE, digital 
sound-out, ac3, a good Real/Windows/Quicktime/MPEG/DVD player, you know, 
all the "good stuff."  And I also had to learn about aptitude, and 
figure out which of 7000 packages were worth a damn.  Sid.

The stuff D-I actually *does*, it does great (DHCP, partitions, network 
cards, server-ish stuff).

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