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Re: Unhappy customer

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 08:55:57AM -0500, Bill White wrote:
> I think Debian is hard to install.  The magazine reviewers all
> say Debian is too hard to install, and the lists see a huge
> number of people saying it's too hard to install.  Now you have
> a user who says it's too hard to install, and you ridicule him.
> Maybe it's too hard to install.

It takes a month, and about 15 clean do-overs.  Each individual element 
of hardware and eye/ear-candy is a journey of discovery (except for 
things like LPT ports and hard drives which "just work").

But it's worth it, because the other ones that "IJW", you don't have a 
clue about how to really make it work like you *want* it to work, and 
you have no incentive to learn.

But I agree, it's hard.  It takes a month, just to be able to use it, 
even if you are an expert in another Operating System and computers in 
general, and have had some Unix in college.

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