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Re: Keyboard keys, commands, shortcuts, "accelerators"

vasudeva <vasudeva@megarad.com> writes:

> For what it's worth, a lot of keyboards these days have that key: it's
> the MS Windows context-menu key, found on bottom row between right-hand
> Windows key and right-hand Ctrl.  Pressing it under a Windows OS makes
> the context menu pop up onscreen for whatever application has focus.
> Unlike the Windows key, it's mostly useless, and I usually remap it to
> something else.

When I was using fvwm2, I bound it to bring up the fvwm root window.
I could, conceivably, do the same thing in openbox.  But enough
keyboards I use don't have that key (laptops don't have it in a useful
place, Kineses don't have it at all) that I've never gotten into the
habit of using it.

(FWIW, the other exciting thing I did with a Windoze keyboard under
fvwm2 was turn the magic Not My OS key into mod4 under X, and then
mod4-* would do window-manager activities.  I think for a while I had
mod4-Q log me out, though I had too many unfortunate accidents trying
to fill a paragraph in Emacs to keep that.)

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