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Re: Keyboard keys, commands, shortcuts, "accelerators"

On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 09:33:29PM -0500, Paul Baker wrote:
> On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 04:48  PM, Miernik wrote:
> >That might be the <right ms-win key with menu and arrow>?
> Not sure what you mean by this so I guess we should ignore it?

For what it's worth, a lot of keyboards these days have that key: it's
the MS Windows context-menu key, found on bottom row between right-hand
Windows key and right-hand Ctrl.  Pressing it under a Windows OS makes
the context menu pop up onscreen for whatever application has focus.

Unlike the Windows key, it's mostly useless, and I usually remap it to
something else.

Great thread, by the way.


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