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Re: Keyboard keys, commands, shortcuts, "accelerators"

On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 04:48  PM, Miernik wrote:

Dare I suggest the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines?
http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/ AquaHIGuidelines/index.html

More specifically (I had to use "search" to find these):

http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/ AquaHIGuidelines/AHIGUserInput/chapter_9_section_4.html http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/ AquaHIGuidelines/AHIGUserInput/chapter_9_section_5.html http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/ AquaHIGuidelines/AHIGUserInput/chapter_9_section_6.html http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/ AquaHIGuidelines/AHIGUserInput/chapter_9_section_7.html

Looks reasonable.

What would be the x86 equivalent of <Command> key?

Essentially anywhere the HIG uses Command, under Linux you would use Control. Instead of Option use Alt. And I guess wherever the HIG uses Control, you would instead use the Windows (logo) key which may or may not exist.

So for example where the HIG says to use Command+S for Save, in Linux apps that should be (and usually is) Control+S. Instead of Command+C for Copy, it's Control+C. Instead of Command+X for Cut, it's Control+X. Instead of Option+Command+S for Save All, it's Alt+Control+S.

There is also and <Option> key in the Mac.

As described above, that would be the Alt key. And in fact every mac keyboard I've seen actually has "Alt" in tiny letters on the key itself.

That might be the <right ms-win key with menu and arrow>?

Not sure what you mean by this so I guess we should ignore it?

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