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Re: cliff dump

On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 07:18:44PM +0100, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi Hugh!
> You wrote:
> > 	* lyx, didnt really give this one much of a chance, v fustraiting to
> > 	 startwith so i guess there is potential there, didnt really like the
> > 	gui but i tried it because i wanted to try something tex related. 
> Well, I only recently started using lyx.  Although I'm an experienced
> LaTeX user and not everything I used to do in LaTeX is possible in lyx
> yet, I must say that I quite like it.  The interface (xforms) indeed
> sucks, although changing the default preferences helps a lot in that
> respect.  And, even better, the next version will have a qt frontend!
> > so i guess what im looking for is a way to produce documents for
> > printing but using a non-graphical environment. [thats why i mention
> > HTML] All i need to be able to do is basic formatting and inserting
> > graphics [graphs and tables can be generated by other programs]
> > Output to pdf would be good.
> Sounds like vim+LaTeX.
clueless question: how would i produce a document with vim and latex?
latex blurb [from what i have read] says that latex is a set of macros
for tex, but i dont really know what tex is apart from that its
something to do with typesetting. So is the idea you produce a file with
vim, then parse it with tex/latex/something which outputs a postscript
A bit like an html file is parsed by a browser...?

thanks for all the responses so far!


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