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Re: cliff dump

Hugh Saunders wrote:
> clueless question: how would i produce a document with vim and latex?
> latex blurb [from what i have read] says that latex is a set of macros
> for tex, but i dont really know what tex is apart from that its
> something to do with typesetting. So is the idea you produce a file with
> vim, then parse it with tex/latex/something which outputs a postscript
> file???
> A bit like an html file is parsed by a browser...?

Yeah, pretty much.
Minimal LaTeX document:
  This a paragraph with \emph{emphasized text} and \texttt{typewriter

  This is another paragraph.

If you saved it to foo.tex, you'd run 'latex foo' to get foo.dvi, which
is viewed with xdvi. You could convert that to postscript using dvips.

I learned LaTeX from a book, but you could prolly learn it on the net.


Jason McCarty

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