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Re: Boulder Pledge

>>"Alex" == Alexander Hvostov <alex@aoi.dyndns.org> writes:

 > MIME is standard, and HTML is a standard (specified as an RFC and in W3C
 > Recommendations) with a registered MIME type ('text/html'). How much
 > more standard can you get?

	You don't get it. OK. XSLT, coff, and elf formats are also
 standards. There a re a large number of thinbgs that can be
 encapsulated as MIME, in cluding sheel sciprts, and perl programs.

	You think that means I can send a perl script that ultimately
 sends UTF-8 to the parrallel port as a valid email message?

	MIME used to send attached files is not the same as
 non-external-file contents of a message.

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