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Re: Boulder Pledge

On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 06:26, Thomas Ritter wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 2. Februar 2003 14:45 schrieb Alexander Hvostov:
> > I'm sure there are other reasons that make HTML inappropriate for email,
> > at least for the time being. Anyone care to comment?
> Yes, TRUST for one. There were too many HTML-Mail-related security holes in 
> the past.

That is an MUA problem, not an HTML problem. There have been plenty of
security holes in MUAs not related to HTML in the past.

> The second is, SPAM doesn't get too annoying without HTML view.

I disagree.

> There are Spammers already using JavaScript in mails, this is a BAAAAD idea, 
> as we see from the Microsoft Outlook Scripting Experiences (TM) called 
> Melissa etc.

Again, this is an MUA problem, not an HTML (or JavaScript) problem.

> HTML Mails with the HTML Mail in the attachment and a copy in plain text as 
> body should be okay, these should be opened in a browser window.

Indeed, but that defeats the purpose of my wish that the world would
standardize on HTML.


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