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Re: Boulder Pledge

On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 17:06, Tim van Erven wrote:
> * Rendering delays.  Waiting > 1s for each mail to render is
>   unacceptable when you have to go through a lot of mail.

Configure your MUA to ignore some of the more CPU-intensive markup (eg,

> * Raising the minimum system requirements.  (Think: small gadgets.)

See above. HTML is easy to parse, and it is therefore easy to strip out
unnecessary stuff. The hard part is rendering some kinds of markup (like

> * Backwards compatibility.

By that argument, modern IBM mainframes should be able to run binaries
for the IBM 360! Oh, wait, they can...

> But keeping things simple is the first rule of writing secure code.

Simplicity is not always the best way to do it. The Linux kernel is an

> Now I would like to see some sort of simple xml scheme to add meta-info
> to mails like e.g. about uri's, but html is not it.

So, some sort of very lightweight wannabe HTML? Why not just strip out
undesired markup from HTML, and not create the burden of having _yet_
_another_ format to render?


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