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Re: Submission for "Most Curious, 3rd Millenium AD"

On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 17:22, Josh Narins wrote:
> Submission for "Most Curious, 3rd Millenium AD"
> This could possibly be the most curious thing I've
> noticed about Debian. Although, perhaps we should hope
> it'll end up being the 17th.
> See, I was tyring to learn what all the named Debian
> releases had been, and so I did a Google search, and
> then realized I should check (what I've read on the
> Internet is) a widely used by Movie Industry folks
> website, so I opened another mozilla tab.
> It reminds me now like the sound of opening a soda
> can.

Your soda cans make a 'woody' noise when opened? Consider cracking less

> .
> Your websites are (
> The Intenet Movie DataBase website, which is _not_
> running Debian that I know of, but is running mod_perl
> @ http://us.imdb.com  (There is no non-us.imdb.com, I
> checked)
> And Landover Baptist, well, lies for itself...
> http://www.landoverbaptist.org (if you don't have
> time, it's religious parody, sometimes adult).
> )
> Now, Sid, Woody, Potato, Slink, and all the other
> Debians I have not used, are names of characters from
> a movie?
> Most Debian users _think_ they know they answer, but
> they are _wrong_.

...that there is more than one.

'sid' is an acronym for 'Still In Development'. It is synonymous with
'unstable', and is a holdover from when there was no 'testing'. At that
time, ports to architectures not considered sufficiently stable for the
next release were in 'sid' rather than 'unstable'. At the next release,
'unstable' would become 'stable'. Without 'sid', those unstable ports
would have been released with 'stable'.

Everything else is from Toy Story (2). This is because Bruce Perens
worked for Pixar during much of his Debian career.

The complete list of release names is: buzz (1.1; there was no 1.0 due
to a prerelease Debian CD being mislabeled as 1.0) rex (1.2) bo (1.3)
hamm (2.0) slink (2.1) potato (2.2) woody (3.0) sid

All of this information is on the Web site somewhere, but I don't
remember where, and it's probably moved more than once anyway.


Where the hell did you dig _that_ up?


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