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RE: spam and debian-curiosa [ot]

> > Mmm, martin f krafft.
> > 	Not a classical italian name. (Also Manuel isn't, but...)
> oh well. i do show traces of the italian temper though ;)
Oh. If you prefer I can also say something about my latest pizza with my
mafious friends when we all were playing mandolino...
But after that I have to kill you, so better not to go on. <grin>

> and because italian just sounds soooooo much cooler
> when saying trivial things - no, that's not an attack on the italian
> language, but "wasting time is an important part of living" just
> wouldn't be as spectacular...
As italian speaker I cannot see all this difference between the two
sentences. But, maybe is due to my awful english. Probably if I could
understand the english one I could appreciate what you mean.
manuel 'fmf' ferrero

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