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Re: women in debian

> S. J. Black, in an immanent manifestation of deity,
> wrote:

<deep bow> Thanks. That's one hell of a compliment to wake up to! 8) 

Very cool of you to be lauding her abilities!

> My partner uses MH for mail and vi for an editor.  And
> she doesn't think she's a geek.  She makes comments on
> just being a geek postulant.  Pfeh...

Not as advice, but just as a suggested experiment:
Tell her that she risks putting others' efforts down by the simple act
of minimizing her own accomplishments. Watch for her reaction. 8) Then
ask her what she thinks she's capable of, and what she thinks she
*should* be able to do technically.

She will, at some point, probably say thanks. This may not be anything
close to immediate, though. 8)


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