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Re: women in debian

Does it really even belong here?  This is rapidly devolving into an
intricate discussion on the mental differences between men and
women.  This could go on forever with little result.  I think we should
all just shout out "VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!" and call it good.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Allan F. Caetano wrote:

> >>>>> "Alpha" == S J Black <alphafemale@radiant.net> writes:
>     >> > Josip, fellas don't have a copyright on ego.<snip>
>     >> Watch your quoting, I didn't say that.
>     Alpha> Wasn't quoting...badly paraphrasing, perhaps, but not quoting. I put
>     Alpha> quotes in quotation marks, so people will know...
>     Folks, either the message that started this thread or one of its
> follow-ups were cross posted to debian-devel. As I think it belongs
> more in the debian-curiosa mailing list, I am removing the former from
> the headers and I urge future posters to do the same.
> cheers,

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