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Re: women in debian

<massive snippage>

Unless you're willing and able to {round up|segregate} and
{celebrate|decry} the involvement of females, blacks, jews, gays,
left-handers, Latvians or any other arbitrarily delineated group, *and
show that they **unanimously** WANT to have this done*, maybe it would
be fair to all involved if everyone would think before your their next

Besides... can I just say that there have been enough obscure foreign
names on these lists that it's tough to tell if one is dealing with a
male or a female anyway?

I'd never even thought to single out anyone's race/gender/age before
this thread, and I think I liked things better that way.

Time to get back to being a whole, all-inclusive Debian community and
focus on the similarities more than anything else. That and a lot more
hard work are what will continue to make Debian great.

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