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Re: women in debian

> my experience in the CS world is that women find hacking on minutiae
> because it is fun quite boring actually.  Most of them are more of
> the "does it work, good enough".  As I said, this is from my own
> college and work experience.  Men in computers seem willing to
> devote hours to trivial matters or work hard and long while many
> bitch and complain.  Few women in computers I have met cared.

My experience in the CS world is that 1 person in 20 is worth more
than a seat in front of a Visual Studio machine regurgitating the same
program over and over again with different bank names pasted in.

And my experience in the CS world is that females who are allowed to
be programmers do about that well, but females who are pressured by
being called onto the carpet to "prove it" for their gender's sake are
about as doomed to failure as any other group drawn out and thrown to
center stage.

Where I work, we fire people for singling people out like this. We
also retain a disproportionate number of quality female developers as
a result.

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