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Re: women in debian

On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 05:16:10PM -0800, S.J. Black typed:
} > } Open Source is for many people about ego.  "Look at
} > what I did", or "I could write that better than they
} > did".  This is a very male tendency.
} Josip, fellas don't have a copyright on ego. There are a lot of women
} who, for various reasons, trade in it too -
} but, like wizards (or sysadmins!), are subtle...and many have not
} learned the value of the "direct approach" in their daily pursuits. And
} sadly, everyone loses.

Truer words never spoken.  

} > If men are the apes beating their chests and yelling at
} > each other, and occaisonally fighting, women are the
} > tigers slinking in the dark, playing a game of
} > stalk-and-kill.
} Except that women have opposable thumbs. All the better to code with, my
} dears...8)

No, actually we're K'zin....

} > I don't particularly care whether or not more women come
} > in.  I only care if *people* come in.
} Absolutely!! although there might be a good argument to allow sentient
} turtles in...(please tell me you've read Pratchett...).

Oh yes.  I like to think in terms of "Unseen University versus the 
Ramtops", when I think about these issues at all.

} The guys who want to see more of a balance between the genders in
} debian/ tech in general might want to let their sisters, girlfriends,
} moms, female acquaintances know that they *can* learn to do tech stuff,
} that their company in such pursuits is welcome. Encourage confidence in
} ability.

Yeah, but it's hard to tell whether some want or don't want to learn.
It's legitimate to not want to learn.  I occaisonally wonder how it
is in the psychology department(s), because there's about as bad a
female-to-male ratio as there is in CS/Engineering, only reversed.  Or 
so I'm told.

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|It would be illogical to assume that all conditions remain stable.
|		-- Spock, "The Enterprise" Incident", stardate 5027.3

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