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Re: Next meeting -- one week early, 5th April @ 7pm UTC


On Tue 29 Mar 2022 at 10:43PM +01, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> Hi,
> On 29/03/2022 21:01, Sean Whitton wrote:
>> Due to both the current interpersonal situation and the impeding
>> DebConf22 CfP, can we have our meeting a week early?  Please let me know
>> if you can't.
> I'm afraid I probably can't be there until probably around 19:30 UTC
> (but I don't want to guarantee that); I can provide my input in advance,
> though.
>> * DebConf22 CfP -- what sort of talk do we want to submit?
> FWIW, I'm afraid I won't be at DebConf (given the situation in Ukraine,
> I don't want to be committing to travel to Kosovo this year).
> If there's anything you would like more input from me on, please ask and
> I'll do my best :)

The question is whether we want to submit a "Meet the Technical
Committee" talk or just send a Bits mail round, or some combination.  In
the past two years we did the latter so that we could use our talk time
for our reforming the TC project.  That project is almost concluded.

I am in favour of going back to the traditional talk as I think there's
some value in raising awareness of who the current faces of the TC are.

Please do share any thoughts on this you might have.

Sean Whitton

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