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Next meeting -- one week early, 5th April @ 7pm UTC

Dear committee members,

Due to both the current interpersonal situation and the impeding
DebConf22 CfP, can we have our meeting a week early?  Please let me know
if you can't.


* Private Jitsi discussion of interpersonal issues

* Review of previous meeting AIs

* DebConf22 CfP -- what sort of talk do we want to submit?

* Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux

* Bug#1007717: Native source package format with non-native version

  - If we have time and people are sufficiently caught up on mail.  I
    suspect we will have to defer this item.

People with AIs: ehashman, spwhitton

Minutes of the previous meeting:

Sean Whitton

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