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Re: Do we want to submit a sprint request for debconf

Le mardi, 10 mars 2015, 17.47:50 Keith Packard a écrit :
> Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:
> > A couple of weeks ago I noticed mail to d-d-a talking about sprints
> > at debconf.
> > I'm wondering whether we want to try and spend a day at debconf or
> > debcamp exploring how we want to work together, how we want to
> > resolve issues, working on internal procedure, getting to know each
> > other, that sort of thing.
> I'd be up for an extended meeting and shared meal during debcamp or
> debconf. I think it would be useful, both as a way to build
> camaraderie and work in our rules of engagement as well as a place to
> transfer some experiences in an informal setting from our departing
> members before they disappear.

That'd be a useful meeting indeed.

Ideally, given quorum, we could also take advantage of that time 
together to push pending issues, and (help) clear our backlog.

> > I'm hoping we've made some progress on some of the above before
> > then, but I'm wondering whether:
> > 
> > 1) That time would be useful
> I think we'd want to come up with a list of topics and maybe a
> potential schedule to get some idea of how much time we think would
> be useful.

Yes. A full day feels a lot, but if 8 hours are needed (given a solid 
plan), I'd vastly prefer two 4-hours slots on different days.

> > 2) Enough of us will be there to take advantage of it
> I'm currently planning on being there, and have funding for travel.

I'm also planning to attend, although arriving late (considering CCCamp 
before) and leaving early (I need to be back on Saturday morning).


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