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Re: Do we want to submit a sprint request for debconf

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> A couple of weeks ago I noticed mail to d-d-a talking about sprints at
> debconf.
> I'm wondering whether we want to try and spend a day at debconf or
> debcamp exploring how we want to work together, how we want to resolve
> issues, working on internal procedure, getting to know each other, that
> sort of thing.

I'd be up for an extended meeting and shared meal during debcamp or
debconf. I think it would be useful, both as a way to build camaraderie
and work in our rules of engagement as well as a place to transfer some
experiences in an informal setting from our departing members before
they disappear.

> I'm hoping we've made some progress on some of the above before then,
> but I'm wondering whether:
> 1) That time would be useful

I think we'd want to come up with a list of topics and maybe a potential
schedule to get some idea of how much time we think would be useful.

> 2) Enough of us will be there to take advantage of it

I'm currently planning on being there, and have funding for travel.


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