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Call for Votes for new CTTE Chairman

In light of Lucas' appointment of our recommended candidates to the
Debian Technical Committee, I would like to start by congratulating and
welcoming Sam Hartman, Tollef Fog Heen, and Didier Raboud .. as you will
soon see, I intend to put you immediately to work in your new roles!

I would also like to offer heart-felt thanks to Russ Allbery, Ian
Jackson, and Colin Watson for their service on the committee.  In
particular, until his recent resignation Ian was the longest-serving
member of the TC.  His varied early contributions to Debian helped
establish many of our fundamental patterns of behavior as a project, and
our joint participation in Debian now measures well over two decades in
duration.  Thanks to each of you for everything you have done and will
continue to do for Debian!

The terms of the recently concluded GR on term limits for TC members
mean that as the now longest-serving member, my last day of service will
be 31 December 2015.  By this time next year a majority of the TC will
be "new", and thus it seems appropriate to me to step down as Chairman
well in advance of that date so that we can have a more orderly transition.

Therefore, I hereby announce my intention to step down as TC Chairman as
soon as a replacement is selected.  Per 6.1.7 of our Constitution:

  The Chairman is elected by the Committee from its members. All members
  of the committee are automatically nominated; the committee votes
  starting one week before the post will become vacant (or immediately, if
  it is already too late). The members may vote by public acclamation for
  any fellow committee member, including themselves; there is no default
  option. The vote finishes when all the members have voted, or when the
  voting period has ended. The result is determined using the method
  specified in section A.6 of the Standard Resolution Procedure.

Simply put, this means that all current members of the TC are
candidates (except that I'm leaving myself off the ballot for what I
hope are obvious reasons!), and the voting period is one week or until
everyone on the TC votes:


The Technical Committee Chairman should be:

    A: Don Armstrong
    B: Andreas Barth
    C: Steve Langasek
    D: Keith Packard
    E: Didier Raboud
    F: Tollef Fog Heen
    G: Sam Hartman

== END


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