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Re: Call for Votes for new CTTE Chairman

* Bdale Garbee (bdale@gag.com) [150309 21:27]:
> Simply put, this means that all current members of the TC are
> candidates (except that I'm leaving myself off the ballot for what I
> hope are obvious reasons!), and the voting period is one week or until
> everyone on the TC votes:

I fear that's not possible as the constitution says that all members
are automatically nominated.

> === BEGIN
> The Technical Committee Chairman should be:
>     A: Don Armstrong
>     B: Andreas Barth
>     C: Steve Langasek
>     D: Keith Packard
>     E: Didier Raboud
>     F: Tollef Fog Heen
>     G: Sam Hartman
      H: Bdale Garbee
> == END

As Don does many of the tasks of the chair already (and does them
well), I agree he would be a good choice. (Otherwise, I don't want to
push any of the newcommers as chair, so I put Keith in the second
position, and try to hide myself at the end of the candidates.)

I vote:

A > D > ( E | F | G ) > C > B > H


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