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Bug#727708: Fsck SystemD and its developers and its users. GR to override this please.

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014, Craig Bransworth wrote:

> Fuck systemd from the bottom of my heart.
> Fuck it.
> Fuck it.
> I do not want to learn systemd.
> I do not want to deal with systemd.
> I hate the way it does things.
> I hate the way their community works.

   Hi Craig. And thank you for your interest in Debian and its init

   Have you heard of the OpenBSD project? (http://openbsd.org/) It's a
free, functional and secure operating system. It looks exactly like the
kind of project you'd enjoy, because it does not use systemd or upstart.
It also has a friendly and very open community that I'm sure you'd find

Kind regards,

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