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Bug#727708: Great article against systemd (note: you'll be banned if you respond to this mail, like my other acct was).

Even when I dislike systemd approach, you act as a spammer and you annoy people.
This is the reason you are banned, not the paranoidal crap with "systemd fanboys blah blah blah".

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 7:44 PM, <crgibrw@hushmail.com> wrote:
That was a great article against systemd (note: you'll be banned if you respond to this mail, like my other acct was):
(ewontfix.com/14/). Thanks for posting it.

Note: do not respond to this email, you'll probably be banned. SystemD fanbois are rooted deep in every linux distro.
They get their enemies banned. My other acct was banned for opposing their bullsht. For 4 weeks (who cares).

"The crowd pushing systemd, possibly including its author, is notcontent to have systemd be one choice among many. By providing publicAPIs intended to be used by other applications, systemd has set itselfup to be difficult not to use once it achieves a certain adoptionthreshold."

"None of the things systemd "does right" are at all revolutionary.They've been done many times before. DJB'sdaemontools,runit, andSupervisor, among others, have solved the"legacy init is broken" problem over and over again (though each withsome of their own flaws). Their failure to displace legacy sysvinit inmajor distributions had nothing to do with whether they solved theproblem, and everything to do with marketing. Said differently,there's nothing great and revolutionary about systemd. Its popularityis purely the result of an aggressive, dictatorial marketing strategyincluding elements such as:Engulfing other "essential" system components like udev and makingthem difficult or impossible to use without systemd (but seeeudev).Setting up for API lock-in (having the DBus interfaces provided bysystemd become a necessary API that user-level programs depend on).Dictating policy rather than being scoped such that the user,administrator, or systems integrator (distribution) has to
 provideglue. This eliminates bikesheds and therebyfast-tracks adoption at the expense of flexibility and diversity."

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