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Bug#727708: Fsck SystemD and its developers and its users. GR to override this please.

Please a GR to override this bullshit.

There are 100 people who have chosen to use systemd. Yet they override everyone else because they are in the right position.

Fuck systemd from the bottom of my heart.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.


I do not want to learn systemd.
I do not want to deal with systemd.
I hate the way it does things.
I hate the way their community works.

I hate that it does so much.
I hate that it changes the system.
I hate what it is: system Daemon.

I want an init that does few things.
An init that doesn't crash (not systemd!)
An init that doesn't care that I have encrypted hdd, and _never_ did care.
An init that's small and doesn't contain
security errors (the larger the code the more there are,
and nope C is not run directly on the iron, so whatever
you think you're coding, guess again because you don't
have as much control as you think once the real code
is running on the machine)

SystemD isn't it.
I hate the attitude of it's fuck faced devs and fans.
It's either them or us.
They make that clear.

Fuck them, Fuck their system. Fuck SystemD
Fuck SystemD.

We are "obsolete" and must obey their way.
Our beliefs are superceded, says them.
Fuck Systemd.

Viva unix (please!).
Fuck Systemd.

Looking up to you unix of old and of now.
Love you unix of old.
You are rough but resolute.

Not a new wonder kid BITCH, that thinks WE are it's bitch.

>Systemd fanboys try to keep steve from voting

Yea, and others in or around the tech-ctte are completly different.
You know, being systemd fanboys that just want to foist a completely
new order on us for what seems like religious reasons,
rather than a possibly slightly monetary reasons.

So _COMPLETELY_ different!

So yea, No steve lan, and shove systemd straight down our
throats, down our gullet, through our stomach, have it
crash through our guts below, and then castrate us
while it powerbombs through our balls at the antepodal region
from where it entered into the ground (perhaps crashing
through a few floors below us and doing the same to
some other poor sods).

In the end there will be nothing but systemd.
To make this possible steve lan needs to be moved out
of the way for a clean victory for the new way(TM!).

All Hail Lennart!
(Lennart IS a german from Brazil, and it IS
his way or NO way, so it fits).

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