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Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie

On 13481 March 1977, Steve Langasek wrote:

> I will note for the record here that a number of DDs have at this point
> given the TC an ultimatum in private, stating that they will start a GR if
> the TC does not call for votes within a specified time limit.  I suspect
> that this ultimatum didn't have much effect on Bdale's decision to call for
> a vote (since he was already predisposed to having the up/down vote in
> question).  Likewise, such an ultimatum doesn't change my view about what
> ballot should be voted and when.  And every DD has a constitutional right to
> start a GR on this question, at any point.  But it's highly inappropriate to
> attempt to pressure the TC into making a quick decision using the *threat*
> of a GR.  TC decisions take time precisely because they deal with nuanced
> issues that don't get handled any other way.  Rushing to a vote only delays
> efforts to reach a consensus in the project, and is counter to the long-term
> health of Debian.

While threats are nothing useful, at this point in time anything that
makes the basic question that the CTTE was asked, "Which init system?",
be answered later, is bad. No, its worse than that.

Basically it undermines any kind of authority or respect the CTTE (not
single individual members, the whole thing) has/had in the
project. Dragging this one only makes it worse.

Its not understandable why the heck there cant be a simple vote between
the various init systems now and whatever other votes on whatever
statement around this area later. Especially when we read "Its clear
that systemd would win". So make it win, let the project move on, thats

The project wants to know, now, if we go with systemd, openrc, upstart
or none of them. Any details arising from that, wich the ctte may feel
they should decide on, are not important now. One simple vote is. Not
combnining trillions of options into the most convoluted ballot possible.

Right now this is a disgrace for the whole project.

bye, Joerg

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