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Bug#727708: New draft of the decision part [Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie]

On Mon, 27 Jan 2014, Don Armstrong wrote:
> I think we should break the bigger question into this question plus
> additional advice for transition after we resolve this issue, but for me
> to vote things above FD, we should allow for a simple majority GR to
> vacate this decision.

Here is a first stab at this. I've taken some inspiration from Ian's
draft, but I don't believe we need to have a separate decision on this,
unless there is a strong objection from someone to allowing it to be

Secretary: I think our intention is clear, but if any of the language is
unclear, or if we should directly allow ourselves to be overridden under
§4.1.5 or similar, please let us know.


1. If the project by General Resolution determines that an init(1)
should be the default for jessie for Linux architectures, that default
is automatically the decision of the Technical Committee.

2. The default init(1) in jessie for Linux architectures will be

A. systemd

B. upstart

C. openrc

D. sysvinit

E. Further Discussion


This is

CTTE members, feel free to propose amendments or change directly.

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