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Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 11:59 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
>    2. Debian intends to support multiple init systems, for the
>       foreseeable future, and so long as their respective communities
>       and code remain healthy.  Nothing outside of an init system's
>       implementation may require a specific init system to be pid 1.

I think the push back you're seeing about this is because the second
sentence imposes a fairly significant constraint on the project.

Say gnome ultimately requires systemd, and something else in the
meantime happens to be pid 1, that sentence really gets in the way.
Why not avoid impeding progress and just let gnome do what it needs to
work the way it wants, which would involve depending on the right
stuff to make systemd its pid 1?

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