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Bug#727708: systemd (security) bugs (was: init system question)

On Sunday 01 December 2013 21:50:49 Ian Jackson wrote:
> This leads me to a question which I find myself asking, after reading
> the systemd debate page:
> If we were to adopt systemd as pid 1, which sections of the systemd
> source code would we probably want to adopt as well ?  Or to put it
> another way, which other existing programs would be obsoleted ?

logind is obsoleting consolekit and libpam-xdg. (Consolekit tracks wether or 
not a user is sitting on the physical console or logged in. libpam-xdg ensures 
that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is handled according to the spec). Logind also ensures 
that a user session actually can be terminated when she logs out.

Logind is the most important one, and within a year or two all desktop 
environments that wants to be slightly more advanced than TWM is going to need 
it. Even Ubuntu is using logind and is iirc maintained there by Steve 

Consolekit was written by the same people as involved in systemd and is now 
hopefully getting it right. Consolekit is abandoned upstream a couple of years 
ago. Libpam-xdg was written by Steve Langasek for Ubuntu and has since been 
abandoned in in Ubuntu favour of the systemd bits .

Beside that, there are among others:
the timezoned is ensuring a common way that applications can get notified when 
the hosts timezone changes. KDE does have something for that that would be 
obsoleted. I think most other systems requires restart of applications or 
manual magic in each app.

hostnamed is for notifying when hostname changes. KDE does have something for 
that. I don't know who else.

There are more parts, but that's where my research has ended so far. 

How to cancel a mailer to the proxy from Flash and from the folder inside DOS 

You must log on a driver to debug a monitor.

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