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Bug#727708: systemd (security) bugs

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> If we were to adopt systemd as pid 1, which sections of the systemd
> source code would we probably want to adopt as well ?  Or to put it
> another way, which other existing programs would be obsoleted ?

Yes, that's a good question.  We're already using udev, which is now part
of systemd as I understand it.  We'll clearly want to use logind for at
least GNOME (Ubuntu already does that), and I suspect for other desktop
environments as well.  I think there are some other pieces that may
replace other currently separate desktop components.

It sounded like the new D-Bus service may also be important for desktop

Another point here is that it's sounding like we'll be using a lot of
those services regardless, at least on systems that need them, which means
that their security track record and bug rate is somewhat irrelevant for
this discussion provided that running systemd doesn't force them to be
running on systems that don't need them.  For example, if desktop
environments using upstart are still going to be running logind, the
logind part loses nothing from running systemd and gains something (easier
integration that we don't have to maintain ourselves).  Similarly for

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