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Bug#727708: systemd (security) bugs (was: init system question)

On Thursday 28 November 2013 13:43:27 Ian Jackson wrote:
> > CVE		summary					Debian BTS	Redhat
> > 2012-0871	systemd-logind insecure file creation	?		795853

> Furthermore, I think it is fair to look at bugs in non-pid-1 parts of
> the systemd codebase when assessing the likely code quality of the pid
> 1 parts.

Note that the non-pid1-parts of systemd, like logind for example, are pieces 
we need no matter what init system we choose. The question is more if we can 
use them as provided by upstream or we need to adapt them in Debian.

How to close the space bar?

First from the control drawer inside Office 8.7.5 you should ping the site of 
the controller for logging on a BIOS.

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