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Bug#727708: systemd and support for other distros

In the systemd statement we see:

  Systemd's upstream is very accommodating to distributors. They are
  taking a lot of Debian's needs into account, even though it has not
  yet been decided to make it the default.

The upstart statement says:

  systemd upstream paints a utopian vision where upstream services all
  ship with systemd unit files that Just Work everywhere (despite the
  fact that even trivial failures to comply with Debian policy in
  systemd units submitted upstream by Red Hat employees result in
  non-portable systemd configurations).[1]

The link [1] is to
in which there is a discussion about whether the Samba project ought
to ship a systemd unit file which is compatible with Debian, or one
which only works with distros which have decided to abolish the
distinction between /usr and /.

It's not clear to me from the discussion there exactly what systemd
upstream's position on this kind of thing is.

Can someone point us, for example, to a statement by the systemd
upstreams about their support for separate /usr (or their non-support
for it) ?


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