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Re: roaraudio dispute

On Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 07:34:36AM +0930, Ron wrote:
> > > I see that Philipp asked you to undo the change and you have declined, 
> > > as is indeed your prerogative.  I assume that that's because you agree 
> > > with Ron's reasoning, but without seeing Ron's reasoning, it is 
> > > difficult to understand your decision.

> > It is both that I agree with Ron's reasoning and that the linkage 
> > against libroar in the first place was a quite bad experience and I had 
> > already considered dropping it again (as can be seen in below 
> > conversation, where at first I don't even realize that Ron's reasoning 
> > is Celt removal but I assumed it was just libroar being unneeded and 
> > having annoyingly strong dependencies).

> This actually wasn't just about celt.

> Bastian Blank (among quite a few others over many months) was also, uh,
> "upset" shall we say, about roar dragging DECnet in to the debian installer.
> Both Philipp and Patrick were quite clear, and repeatedly insistent, about
> voicing their opinion that they would rather have roar removed than fix
> these things in roar itself.

I can vouch for the horribleness of this library stack.


So we have:

   - a package that mangles mac addresses of interfaces as soon as it's
   - recommended by a library,
   - that had to be NMUed *more than once* to get rid of this dependency
     (bug #608807, bug #655740),
   - and is packaged as a native package with a binary package name that
     doesn't follow shared library naming conventions,
   - and this is all a dependency of an *audio* library!

So thank you, Ron, for your efforts in trying to stop this madness from
being pulled in on our users systems.

> Trying to conflate this with the mumble issue however is Not Helpful.

I agree.  I don't see any reason the TC should be revisiting maintainers'
decisions to drop celt 0.7.1 as a dependency; the mumble case is a very
particular issue related to the exact manner in which the server is
repeating the audio to all clients, and I don't see any reason to suspect
this would be an issue for the other packages that have dropped celt

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