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roaraudio dispute

Hi, I'm a member of the Debian Technical Committee.

Apropos of the dispute about celt which has been referred to the TC
I'm trying to understand the background to the removal of the
dependency from ices2 to roaraudio.

I have seen this:
and the package changelog:
   * Stop build-depending on libroar-dev or suggesting roaraudio-server.
     Requested by Ron Lee.

But I don't seem to be able to find the request from Ron.  Can you,
Jonas, please forward me a copy of the communications from Ron to you
relating to this change ?

I trust Ron (CC'd) will have no objection to this.

I see that Philipp asked you to undo the change and you have declined,
as is indeed your prerogative.  I assume that that's because you agree
with Ron's reasoning, but without seeing Ron's reasoning, it is
difficult to understand your decision.


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