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Re: mumble and celt, #682010, TC

Patrick Matthäi writes ("Re: mumble and celt, #682010, TC"):
> I were the maintainer, with Thorvald, since mumble is included in Debian 
> and declined this job, since I were personaly attacked by some of our 
> DDs. I also talked with our leader about this situation.
> Philipp and I *wanted* to continue the maintenance of celt for the 
> lifetime of wheezy, but for this idea Philipp and I just get more and 
> more personal insults, with the side effects that:
> 1) Philipp gave up *all* his efforts on Debian
> 2) I also wanted to resign, didn't done it but sorry now I have got a 
> fu....... opinion about this

I'm sorry you feel this way.

> > Ron evidently has no interest in maintaining celt in wheezy, and we
> Well known and he did everything so that nobody wants to do this job, 
> that - with the insults from some other DDs - is the only reason why I 
> do not want to do this job, anymore, but thanks for asking.

If you had the support of the Technical Committee, would it help ?

Thanks for your reply, in any case.


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