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Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 09:06:36AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> And I hope we can agree that I'm able to review myself when it comes to
> the PTS and to Alioth. 

That's not really a "review" then, is it?

I don't think it's my place to agree or disagree with that statement,
anyway; the question we've been asked to rule on is who should be the
maintainer for the developer's reference.  I hope that low-level questions
like this can be sorted out between the two of you without needing to
involve the TC; if they can't, I guess we need to take that into account,
but that would be unfortunate.

> > IMHO this is not an unreasonable rule; in many cases where
> > review/consensus is given high importance, but the time developers have
> > available to them for doing such reviews is limited, this is an effective
> > mechanism indeed.

> I don't follow your reasoning, in what way the fact to not commit helps
> for the review?

Requiring review before commit ensures that the rate of commits does not
exceed the rate at which changes can be reviewed.

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