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Re: Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

On Mon, 6 Aug 2007 09:16:23 +0200, Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> said: 

> In case the TC decides I'm still the lead maintainer, I would like to
> try to find out if there is a procedure that still satisfies my
> quality requirements, and will allow Raphael to contribute in a way he
> likes.  Somehow, I am currently quite annoyed (which is perhaps not
> best but natural), but I'm optimistic we can still work out something
> which is ok.  (That's basically not different from any other package
> or area I'm responsible for.)

> Unfortunatly, that can't be done now, because as long as Raphael
> insists in having the exactly same say as I have, we won't find such a
> procedure (because the procedure needs to violate that wish).

        You might consider setting up individual branches, and a release
 branch; people commit to their own branch, solicit comments, and when
 the review is done, those changes can be pulled into the release

        This is the way that the linux kernel works, and is also the way
 that policy is set up; and using git/arch/bzr/mercurial instead of CVS
 would also help.


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