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Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

On Sun, 05 Aug 2007, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I'd like to ask Andreas and Raphael how they each propose to handle
> the maintainership of this package in future.

> Raphael says he wants a team.  Raphael: what team did you have in
> mind ?  Who will help you ?

I've not been planning a hijack of the package. I've no "new team" to take
out of my hat.

I expect Andreas to continue to work on the package, and I just would like
him to accept the fact that I can also work on it as co-editor/author. 

For me the ideal workflow is the current one:
- someone opens a bug report
- a patch is written
- a patch is applied (possibly reformulated) by one of the editors

Editors/authors can be trusted to commit directly (either because they
believe the change to be minor, or because they're sufficiently involved
in the area being covered that they know the change to be good). Anyway
others authors/editors will review the changes (at least skimming
through the diff sent by mail).

> I'd also like each of you to answer: if the TC rules in your favour,
> how do you plan to deal with your opponent in this dispute ?

I wish he will continue to work on the developers-reference. I don't even
plan to take the role of "lead maintainer/editor" as I'll most probably
stay a minor contributor (at least as long as Andy is not MIA).

> Another possible way for the TC to decide on this kind of question is
> to ask the developers to each prepare a package and then for the TC to
> choose between them.  Do you think that would be appropriate in this
> case ?

No. We should strive for collaboration, not for confrontation.

Raphaël Hertzog

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